Skyjack offers two secondary guarding systems

Skyjack introduced two secondary guarding systems for aerial work platforms.

Skyjack's SG-M secondary guarding system is a protective steel structure above and over the operator. The steel mounting protects the operator from being pinned against the controls with a solid frame around and over the operator. It features a low-weight protective steel structure that is designed to reduce the possibility of the operator being held against the controls in the event of unintended contact with an obstruction.

The SG-E system features a sensor bar that, when pushed, instantly stops all functions and initiates an audible siren and high intensity flashing beacon. If the bar is released within one second, the siren and beacon will cease and the selected function will return. If pressure is applied for more than one second, the siren and beacon will continue to activate and the engine will stop, halting all functions until reset. The applicable emergency controls can still be operated to bring the platform down to the ground safely. If the system is accidentally activated by the operator, it can be easily reset using the illuminated push button on the control box.

Both the SG-E and SG-M can be fitted on new Skyjack booms or retrofitted to models manufactured in 2006 and after. They can be factory fitted or alternatively supplied as a kit. Once fitted, neither system impairs operator visibility, mobility on the platform or access to the work area. Both require minimum maintenance.