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Felling Trailers’ X-Force SL series gets super low

Felling Trailers, Inc.’s, X-Force Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck model line now offers a “Super Low” deck height with the X-Force SL Series trailers.

Felling Super Low trailerThe X-Force SL series provides an 18” usable level deck height with a 6” ground clearance, making it an ideal spec for carriers that specialize in extra-tall cargo/equipment transport.

The low loaded deck height is ideal for a multitude of applications due to the full width level deck as opposed to a drop-side model. Felling Trailers designed and engineered the SL Series with versatility and functionality in mind knowing that with changing markets, carrier’s cargo/equipment loads vary.

The versatility offered with the 18” usable level deck height allows a carrier to transport large cargo or equipment such as asphalt milling machines, paving equipment and track excavators.

The SL Series are offered in four capacities:
• XF-70-2 HDG-SL (35 ton)
• XF-100-3 HDG-SL (50 ton)
• XF-110-3 HDG-SL (55 ton)
• XF-120-3 HDG-SL (60 ton)

Popular options on the X-Force SL Series include bolt-on load-bearing wheel covers, several main deck-to-trunnion approach angle options, gooseneck fenders, amber LED strobe light system, and rear beavertail and ramp configurations.

Standard specifications:
• Load Capacities: 35-60 tons
• Approx. Deck Height: 18” loaded with 6” ground clearance
• Lift Cylinders: (2) 7” on XF-70-2 HDG-SL, XF-100-3 HDG-SL and XF-110-3 HDG-SL; (2) 8” on XF-120-3 HDG-SL
• Multi-Position Ride Height: 5 Position Ride Height Cam Blocks
• Frame: Engineered, Cambered, Fabricated 12” Main Beams and Side Beams with T-1 Flanges
• Cross members: 8” I-Beam Cross members on 24”centers
• Drop center cross members in rear trunnion area
• Flip Axle Ready, Plumbing and Brackets (standard on 55 and 60 ton models)

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