Posted April 28, 2015

Skid-Lift's Scissor Lift Attachment

Skid-Lift is producing a new scissor lift attachment for skid steers and tractors. It is an easy-to-operate attachment, according to the company, that allows work crews to reach up to 27 feet in the air, with 4-degree tilt and a stable working platform in the air. Norwood Sales, Horace, ND is handling distribution. The product is available now. 

skid lift“We are excited to bring Skid-Lift to market. It represents years of design and engineering work that delivers convenience and a major cost savings to skid steer owners and rental stores,” says Guy Nelson, President of Skid-Lift. “By eliminating expensive components, such as pumps, hydraulic drive motors, wheels, and batteries used on standalone scissor lifts, Skid-Lift provides a lower cost of entry and ownership."

The base legs of the Skid-Lift attachment are adjustable and allow professionals to work on all surfaces, including rough or uneven terrain. 

Skid-Lift Attachment Features 

  • Two Models: Tilting and Non-Tilting
  • Hydraulic controls at the base and basket
  • Manual extension platform on tilting model
  • Overriding ground controls
  • Hydraulic safety bypass at the base and basket
  • Standard fork lift pockets
  • Tilt deck ± 4° on tilting model
  • Weight: 1700 – 2100 lbs.
  • Works any of type of surface
  • Optional side quick attach
  • Works with all skid steers with auxiliary hydraulics