Posted September 4, 2013

Pearl XTREME 4000

Pearl Abrasive introduced the XTREME, a new line of diamond wheels for metal applications.

Pearl PX4000These wheels are designed to cut metal, stainless steel and a variety of ferrous metals with less odor and debris compared to conventional abrasives.

The Pearl XTREME is engineered with a high concentration of diamonds and an extremely strong bond. This results in a cutting wheel that lasts up to 65 times longer than conventional abrasives.

The Pearl XTREME features fast cutting speeds compared to conventional bonded abrasives and provides much longer life. It is extremely efficient because it reduces the need to change wheels frequently, which increases productivity dramatically. This new product line:

  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces cutting wheel costs
  • Minimizes downtime with fewer wheel changes

In addition, the shape of the Pearl XTREME wheel does not change over time. The size of the wheel remains consistent from the first cut to the last. Wheels are available in 4-1/2-, 5-, 6-, 7-, 9-, 12- and 14-inch sizes.