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Additional active engine protection for reversible plate compactors

An additional, active engine protection (MDM) from Weber MT raises the bar for hand-guided soil compactor safety, efficiency and service life.

The MDM engine protection system is now standard feature Weber MT CR 6 to CR 9 series reversible plate compactors.

To increase operational safety the Weber MT will rely on a comprehensive engine data management system. MDM-engine protection constantly checks all essential parameters of the engine: The Hatz diesel engine will shut-off automatically if the MDM discovers that the engine oil pressure or level is too low, the engine temperature is too high or the air filter is full. It notifies the operator via LED indicator, who can shut down the system before it causes a disastrous engine failure. The system also indicates when the engine needs to be serviced.

MDM-engine protection is also part of the Compatrol system version 2.0 that provides uniform compaction across the entire compacted surface. Weak spots can be detected and addressed. Perfect work results can be achieved with completion time and cost savings at up to 25 percent.


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