Posted November 4, 2015

New Flail Mower Attachment for Compact Excavators

For tough land-clearing projects, Bobcat has introduced a new 40-inch FMR flail mower attachment, available for Bobcat E63, E80 and E85 excavators. The flail mower attachment provides safety, performance and uptime protection in mowing and land-clearing applications such as cleaning ditches, hillsides, utility right-of-ways and riverbanks, as well as maintenance for parks and recreational trails.

 bobcat Flail-mower-attachmentThe flail mower's safety features include a side safety chain within the housing unit to help deflect and contain debris, and a rotor brake that can take the flail mower from full spped to stop in seven seconds or less when the flail mower hydraulics are deactivated.  

The flail mower has a triple-knife design to provide a smooth cutting motion that rips through hard and soft woods, vines, grass and brush . The compact deck allows the flail mower to manage varying ground contours and hard-to-reach places, maintaining surface contact for efficient cutting.

The direct-drive motor balances torque and rpm for aggressive cutting. The X-Change attachment mounting system makes it easy to connect the 40-inch FMR flail mower to the E63. A pin-on mounting system or optional pin-grabber quick coupler option are available for connecting the it to the E80 and E85 excavators.

To reduce machine downtime, the flail mower features:

  • Reversible flails: Provides bi-directional rotation by switching the hydraulic hoses at the drive motor.
  • Rubber torsion disc: Absorbs stress forces encountered during operation.
  • Heavy-duty flanges: Protects the drive train from dust and debris, and prevents wires from damaging the drive train mechanism.

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