Posted September 10, 2013

Morbark  G 42 SP Stump Grinder 

The rugged design of Morbark Stump Grinders provides more drive power and greater cutting efficiency to help muscle through the toughest stumps faster.

Aimed at modest landscapers and stump grinding contractors, as well as rental stores, the Morbark G 42 SP stump grinder is an ideal unit for grinding smaller stumps. Its compact size and mobility allows it to be driven to sites that couldn’t be reached with larger stump grinders.

Equipped with horsepower options of either 27 hp or 38 hp, this stump grinder packs a punch. With a choice of three cutting system options, you can customize this grinder to best fit your needs. Standard equipment on the Morbark G 42 SP stump grinder includes 4-up comfort grip fingertip controls, an electric clutch with cutting system brake and high-gloss Morthane paint.

All Morbark models are aggressive, highly productive and engineered to give the power and features to maximize output and enhance profitability. In addition, they are compact for easy transportation between job sites and designed to be durable and long-lasting. Averaging 1,500 hours, the life expectancy of Morbark stump grinders is 60 percent longer than the 900-hour average of competitive models.