Posted September 10, 2013

More air power--less man power--with Little Wonder Optimax blowers

Little Wonder Optimax blowers put you in control.

OptimaxWith the remote chute deflector control located at your fingertips, you’ll control the patented split air-stream discharge. Move leaves and debris with unmatched air power more easily, without stopping. Little Wonder walk-behind blowers have a steel housing design and self-propelled options, steel transport bracket for easy hauling, and larger discharge opening. Blowers are available in push, and self-propelled models. All Little Wonder blowers are backed by a 5-year warranty.

Many contractors depend on a walk-behind blower to help with leaf removal. Often a thick layer of wet, heavy leaves lies beneath a layer of dry, small, hard-to-control leaves with twigs and other debris in the mix. These very common conditions can become a frustrating experience for landscapers.

When a blower can only produce a straight airstream, it is very difficult to find the right angle. Directing that stream of air to the base of the pile to move the heavy, wet leaves can cause the top layer to blow back over the cleared area (known as blowback or windrowing). If the airstream is directed toward the middle or top of the pile, the airstream will not have the strength needed at the base to move the heavier leaves, requiring a couple of passes to clear the area.

Little Wonder blowers feature a patented deflector that splits the airstream to make use of the fastest-moving air. In this scenario, the fastest moving air would be deflected to the base to move the weight of the pile from the bottom with the upper-level airflow speed reduced to keep the pile together, under control and moving forward, reducing or eliminating blowback and getting the job done in a single pass.

When bad weather strikes, a broad area of heavy debris and settled water can be a challenge. Cnstant, unobstructed airflow is a feature needed to get the job done.

Little Wonder Blowers feature an exclusive centrifugal blower design that works together with a reverse-inclined blade impeller to produce a greater volume of air that moves at an increased velocity (as compared to traditional flat-blade designs). Little Wonder's patented curved, aerodynamic inlet draws air in smoothly around the entire inlet area, ensuring adequate air intake, even if part of the intake area is obstructed by debris.

In construction, Little Wonder Blowers utilize a durable 12-gauge steel housing and seamless welds to provide exceptional strength to stand up to the rigors of the job, resisting debris impact and the bumpy rides.

A toe tip front/side diverter requires no tools to change direction from side discharge to front discharge for precise cleaning of cracks, joints and curb corners for seal coating. Steel-hubbed pneumatic wheels (12-inch rear diameter and 10-inch front diameter) feature greased and sealed bearings, along with a saw tooth tread pattern to tackle curbs and undulating terrain on asphalt, grass and even tender rooftops (with less tire impact on softer ground). The optional swivel wheel kit can lock straight for sweeping or open for turning ease in tight spaces.