Posted April 19, 2016

JLG's New Compact Crawler Boom

The JLG X770AJ Compact Crawler Boom is the largest in the company's Compact Crawler Boom line, featuring a working height of 84 feet and 500-pound unrestricted capacity, which allows workers to take more materials with them on the platform and increase productivity. The upper boom with an articulating jib provides a horizontal reach of 43 feet.

JLG 770 AJThe machine is  versatile, with a lithium battery option where clean, quiet, no-emissions performance is desired. Self-leveling outriggers and non-marking rubber tracks minimize impact on sensitive flooring and landscaping.

The X770AJ features a narrow chassis and a unique narrow outrigger setting, making it easier to fit through doorways and gates. Transporting the boom is also easier, with fork lift pockets and dedicated lift hooks.

The X770AJ is designed for a lower total cost of ownership with hoods that open wide, making service access easier, and a LCD panel that communicates in text – rather than fault codes – for faster troubleshooting and reduced need for on-site service calls.

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