New walk-behind power trowel line​

American Pneumatic Tools (APT) introduces a full line of walk-behind power trowels.

The new lineup offers three models to fit a variety of concrete surfacing applications:

  • APT 375 power trowel
    The PT 375 power trowel.
    APT 479 power trowel
    The PT479 power trowel.
    PT244 — This model features a 24-inch blade diameter, and makes quick work of fine-edge trimming. Powered by a 3.5 hp. Honda GX 120 engine, its blade speed ranges from 40 to 115 rpm. Available with the standard Twist Pitch blade adjustment, this model offers an efficient way to adjust pitch. Weighs 132 pounds.
  • PT375 — The PT375 is considered the standard robust workhorse ideal for everyday applications. With a 36-inch blade and a 4.8 hp. Honda GX 160 engine, this trowel model is reliable and productive. The PT375 is available with Twist Pitch and Cog Pitch, which allows the operator to easily adjust the pitch of the blade while surfacing. The unit weighs 192-194 pounds, depending on pitch configuration.
  • PT479 — For covering large areas, the PT479 has a 46-inch blade. Equipped with an 8 hp. Honda GX 270 engine, the PT479 can reach blade speeds of up to 115 rpm. Also available with the Twist Pitch and Cog Pitch functionality, the PT479 has an operating weight of 227-229 pounds.

"Entering the trowel market just makes it that much easier for loyal APT customers to have access to more top-notch equipment," says Todd Granger, vice president at American Pneumatic Tools. "As our product lines continue to expand, contractors can expect more choices backed by the trusted APT name for years to come."

The entire PT line was created with the operator in mind. Featuring two adjustable pitch options, each trowel comes equipped with foldable vibration-isolated handles, a robust steel palm trigger, a maintenance stand and a QuickStop safety feature. Conventional trowels can spin up to 540 degrees after the motor is stopped. With the addition of QuickStop, APT trowel’s blade rotation is immediately halted after a zero-degree handle spin. Without shutting off the engine, the QuickStop function allows for speed adjustment without belt or clutch damage.

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