Hilti transitions to 22-volt battery

Hilti has released an expanded cordless portfolio of solutions and services, complete with an innovative, backwards compatible 22V battery — an industry first.

Hilti 22V 2.6 amp-hour battery
The new Hilti 22-volt 2.6 amp-hour battery.
Hilti 5.2 amp hour battery
The new Hilti 22-volt 5.6 amp-hour battery.

The Hilti 22V battery will work with new and previous generations of Hilti 18V Li-ion cordless tools, providing a seamless transition for existing Hilti cordless tool customers.

As a standard component of every Hilti cordless kit or combo, Hilti’s 22V battery provides longer work time per charge to improve productivity. This is one of the many ways Hilti’s expanded cordless portfolio of solutions and services can create lower total cost of ownership for contractors.

Now as the standard within its new portfolio of cordless tools, the Hilti 22V battery features the latest technology, including an upgraded Cell Management System that allows for a fuller charge and deeper drain to provide more work per charge. This allows the batteries to perform up to 20 percent more work per charge, depending on application, insert, user and temperature, than Hilti 18V batteries and up to 50 percent more work per charge than competitive 18V/5.0 amp hour solutions.

Existing Hilti customers do not have to upgrade to new models to benefit. The new 22V batteries are backward-compatible with Hilti’s existing 18V cordless tool range.

Several new 22V cordless tools are being introduced now, including:

  • Cordless Hammer Drill/Driver (SF 6H-A22 ATC)
  • Cordless Impact Driver (SID 4-A22)
  • Cordless Drill/Driver (SF 10W-A22 ATC)

Existing Hilti 18V and new 22V tools benefit from the new 22V batteries’ longer work time per charge and improved reliability for increased workforce productivity and jobsite efficiency. Also, the new 22V batteries perform more work without adding size or weight to the tool.

Hilti 22V batteries are available in two sizes: B22/5.2 CPC with 5.2 amp hour battery capacity and B22/2.6 CPC with 2.6 amp hour battery capacity. Hilti’s transition to 22V batteries means excellent productivity for cordless tools today and in the future for a lower cost of ownership.

All Hilti 22V batteries come with Hilti’s industry-leading, two-year warranty that covers normal wear and tear on batteries, chargers and tool bodies.