Concrete dowel drill rental program

E-Z Drill offers concrete dowel drill and dust collection system rentals through dealer network.

EZ Drill dust collection system for rentE-Z Drill’s rental program provides contractors a cost-effective method to complete concrete dowel drilling jobs. The program is offered throughout more than 60 E-Z Drill dealers across North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia, and it allows customers to rent or re-rent E-Z Drill’s most popular units and Dust Collection Systems.

“We understand that contractors might not be ready to buy a new drill,” says Rick Walstad, E-Z Drill president and CEO. “This program offers a solution to those who do infrequent concrete drilling and doweling or who are just getting started in the business. They have a less expensive way to achieve the production, efficiency, and ease of use that comes with E-Z Drill.”

The rental program allows contractors to take on jobs they may typically avoid such as full-depth repairs or patchwork. This added flexibility increases profits and helps them to better service their customers. Contractors also have the opportunity to try the units before they purchase so they are familiar with the drills and can determine which model will best suit their applications.

E-Z Drill’s line of concrete dowel drills enhance safety, efficiency, and operator comfort on a variety of projects, such as lane additions, full-depth repairs and airport runway construction. They feature one to five gangs and operate on the grade or slab. The machines eliminate the need for hand drilling and allow projects to be completed quickly, with hole drilling speeds as fast as 20 seconds.

E-Z Drill’s Dust Collection System gives contractors a solution to Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Table 1 requirements for crystalline silica exposure. The vacuum system uses the same air compressor as the concrete dowel drill to effectively collect dust directly from the drilled holes and store it in a collector. Contractors can rent the system along with a concrete dowel drill from an E-Z Drill dealer or in some cases directly from E-Z Drill.

In addition to drill rentals, E-Z Drill also offers a rent-to-own program (RPO) through its distributors. The program gives contractors the convenience and flexibility to pay for the drills over time while using the units. One hundred percent of the contractor’s first month’s rental goes toward the purchase of the drill and 90 percent of the rental fee for each subsequent month is applied to purchase.

To learn more about drill and dust system rentals as well as rent-to-own options contact E-Z Drill dealer.

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Cutline: E-Z Drill’s rental program gives contractors a cost-effective method to complete concrete dowel drilling jobs.

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