Fleet management for construction equipment

SolarTrak has an affordable GPS tracker solution that now offers a Check Installation app that makes verifying installation a snap.

SolarTrak can be quickly verified with a smartphone app.

As more and more independent contractors and rental houses look for ways to optimize the efficient use of their equipment, fleet management tools are becoming increasingly important.

The new app is accessible from the installer’s phone at To check his or her work, the installer can simply enter the serial number of the tracker, and the app will tell them if the tracker has power and if the cellular connection is complete. If the installation is successful, the app shows the location of the equipment on a map using GPS coordinates, battery voltage and the strength of the cellular connection.

Once the installation has been checked, SolarTrak trackers will track the equipment’s movements, record engine-hours for accurate billing, send reminders if maintenance is due, and even send a text or email if the equipment moved within a user-defined area. All this data is available at a very affordable $9.95 per tracker per month.

SolarTrak users have enthusiastically responded to the new app and other improvements, including a new smaller tracker announced earlier in 2016. Trevor Allen of Eastern High Reach reported, “Use of SolarTrak has definitely helped tracking our machines and billing. It’s well worth the investment.”

The SolarTrak fleet management solution includes the trackers, free cellular connection, and online tracking and reports. Trackers can be purchased or leased; there is no contract.
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