Walk-behind concrete scoring saw

Skilsaw introduces the Medusaw SPT79A-10 7-inch walk-behind worm-drive saw for concrete scoring.

It meets the need for a complete, ergonomic solution for scoring concrete in larger-area

Skilsaw walk-behind Medusaw
Skilsaw introduces the 7-Inch Medusaw SPT79A-10 walk-behind worm-drive saw for concrete scoring.

applications where productivity is important. It incorporates the same wet/dry dust management system and powerful worm drive motor as Medusaw unit with the addition of an efficient walk-behind configuration. It is equipped with an adjustable arm that extends to the user’s height and folds and locks into place for transporting and storage. A larger handle and two-finger trigger provide greater control when making long cuts. An ambidextrous side-assist handle gives added support.

 “To avoid lost parts or worn-out attachments, Skilsaw created the Medusaw walk-behind saw as an all-in-one solution for large cutting applications such as control joints in a commercial build,” says Gregg Mangialardi, product manager at Skilsaw. “We’ve seen the way pros have modified their saws, and it inspired us to create this integrated tool to meet their needs as well as Underwriters Laboratories’ [UL] requirements.”  

In addition to the walk-behind feature, it has an improved pointer for stronger support and a larger wheel for greater visibility. The three-point line of sight allows for accurate cuts, while a large foot and oversized wheels increase the saw’s stability. The saw’s guard and foot are made of die-cast aluminum housing for durability, with zinc-plated brackets and fasteners to protect against corrosion.

Similar to the original Medusaw, this unit will help users meet OSHA silica exposure limits with integrated dust control in for wet or dry operation. Visit for specific recommendations for managing silica exposure.

The walk-behind saw features the same powerful Dual-Field worm-drive motor with added overload protection that protects the motor from the end user inadvertently driving the saw forward too quickly. The saw also accommodates commonly available seven-inch blades.