New tracked chipper

Morbark, LLC, debut the Beever M18R track tree and brush chipper as well as improvements to its Tree Care Products.

Morbark tracked chipper
New Morbark M18R tracked chipper.
Morbark Boxer line
Morbark Boxer line feature new color scheme and logo design.

“We first saw the need for a tracked version of our 18 inch-capacity chipper for fire and pest cleanup efforts going on in the western United States,” says Casey Gross, Morbark director of Tree Care Products. “The M18R Track gives customers the higher horsepower they need while remaining compact to maintain maneuverability through a variety of conditions.”

The Beever M18R Track adds 400mm rubber tracks, with 4.84 psi ground pressure and low-speed and high-speed travel ranges of 1.0 mph and 1.8 mph, to its popular M18R chipper.
Morbark’s Boxer line of compact utility loaders will now be Morbark orange.

An updated logo, decals and paint color will provide greater synergies between the models in the complete family of Morbark equipment. Boxer mini-skid steers also will feature new joystick controls for smoother operation and improved operator experience.

The Boxer operator will be able to drive the unit with one hand and access all functionality without releasing the joystick controls.

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