Reduction gearbox for improved torque

Little Beaver Inc. introduces a planetary reduction gearbox for its Big Beaver and Big Beaver XL drills.

The optional gearbox provides as much as 1,100 foot-pounds of torque to drill deeper and handle large-diameter augers more efficiently than the standard setup. The reduction gearbox is available with new Big Beaver models and can also be purchased as an upgrade for existing models.

Big beaver gearbox reduction for deep drilling
Little Beaver Inc. introduces a planetary reduction gearbox for its Big Beaver and Big Beaver XL drills.

“Customers using the Big Beaver for more demanding applications, such as soil sampling or drilling foundation piers, need an option for increasing torque for more productive drilling,” says Mike Hale, Little Beaver sales and marketing manager. “The gear reduction makes the Big Beaver more powerful and capable than ever.”

A 27-horsepower Kohler EFI gas engine powers the auxiliary hydraulic source, which operates at 12.5 gpm and a rotary speed of 100 rpm. The standard Big Beaver operates at 10 gpm with a rotary speed of 150 rpm. The additional horsepower and slower auger speed increases max drilling torque from 500 to 1,100 foot-pounds and improves the drill’s overall capabilities.

Little Beaver designed the Big Beaver and Big Beaver XL to work with their D-series augers, which range in diameter from 4 to 18 inches. Auger extensions enable drilling depths as deep as 32 feet with a 16-inch auger and 100 feet with a 6-inch auger, depending on soil conditions.

Constructed with a welded mechanical steel frame, both models are rugged, durable and ideal for a variety of applications including soil sampling, foundation repair and environmental test wells. The portable, easily maneuverable design allows access to remote locations inaccessible with truck-mounted units. At just 26 inches wide and 48 inches long, the Big Beaver maneuvers into spaces that mounted drills do not fit. The standard model measures 80 inches tall when upright while the Big Beaver XL stands at 92 inches tall.

The Big Beaver can be paired with special tools and accessories to manage various drilling tasks. An optional Cathead kit, which includes a tower kit, third hydraulic valve and spool, makes soil sampling and performing standard penetration tests fast, convenient and economical. The kit’s optional Split Spoon Sampler allows for undisturbed core samples. The accessory can be safely and securely driven into the ground using Little Beaver’s optional 140-pound safety hammer.

The Big Beaver is backed by a two-year warranty, with the engine covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.