Reduce dust with this portable mixer

CS Unitec's TwinMix 1800 portable mixing station can reduce airborne dust while mixing dusty materials.

When connected to an industrial vacuum such as the model CS 1445 H HEPA vacuum, the TwinMix 1800 provides a cleaner, safer work environment, CS Unitec sources report.

Manufactured with two counter-rotating paddles – a helical rod and scraper paddle – the TwinMix 1800 thoroughly combines compounds into a homogeneous, lump-free mixture. The scraper paddle reduces material deposits on the side of the bucket and improves mixing efficiency. The machine's lid eliminates splash back and its integrated material chute includes dust-reducing brushes and a protective grate. The mixing station is ideal for mixing low- to high-viscosity materials such as filler, leveling compounds, plaster and thin-bed mortars.

The mixer's 15 amp, two-speed motor runs at constant speed and produces very high pulling power. Safety features include overload protection and a safety switch to disable the motor if the hood is lifted during mixing.

Standard equipment includes the motor on a stand, mixing rod, mixing paddle, mixing bucket and pouring cart. Handles and large tires provide ease of mobility. The pouring cart allows clean, accurate pouring and is ideal for consecutive batch mixing when used with additional mixing containers. The transport cart and bucket can also be used with hand-held mixers.