Skilsaw turned concrete saw

After years of development, Skilsaw officially announces its first-ever all concrete-cutting saw, the Medusaw.

Medusaw is a play on Greek mythology’s Medusa, which is a monster that turned onlookers into stone. Medusaw is here to revolutionize the way workers cut concrete, and like Medusa, it’s a force to be reckoned with, Skilsaw sources report.

The Medusaw concrete-cutting saw is the world’s first fully-integrated worm drive saw designed specifically for scoring and cutting concrete accurately. Forget modifying an old saw – adding aftermarket products like a SawKart, Skateplate, pearl and saw muzzle – which can cost $750 or more.

Medusaw sources report the new tool has a Skilsaw-quality worm-drive power train, plus a unique Cut-Ready adjustable plunge lock and a pivoting pointer for unmatched precision and convenience. Plus, sources report,  it costs half as much.

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