Snow movers from Polaris

Polaris Commercial Vehicles offers the Brutus and Ranger winter accessories and front-end attachments.

Polaris V-blade for BrutusThe Brutus HDPTO commercial-grade utility vehicle features versatility and comfort. Equipped with diesel power, a hydrostatic transmission with treadle pedal, all-season climate control, PTO mechanical-powered front attachments and more features are built to get the job done.

The new Brutus V-blade enhances the multi-season capabilities of the Polaris Brutus HDPTO. Designed specifically for commercial snow removal, the 60-inch V-blade hydraulically adjusts to four positions including V, scoop and windrowing. Exclusive one-touch control quickly changes the angle of both wings, while fully integrated controls allow the operator to raise, lower and tilt without leaving the all-season, climate controlled cab.

The new V-Blade will be available this fall at authorized Polaris Dealers.

Polaris snow thrower adjustment photoA new Power Deflector Control Kit – an added attachment to the snow blower accessory, allows the operator to hydraulically control the chute angle adjustment from inside the cab, enabling precise snow throwing placement to avoiding directly hitting objects. Available fall 2016.

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