Cordless brushless grinders

New DeWalt 20V Max grinders include a variety of Perform and Protect features.

DeWalt launches its new 20V Max XR 4.5-inch angle grinder (DCG413R2), the 20V Max XR 5-inch flathead grinder (DCG413FR2), and the 20V Max XR 1-1/2-inch die grinder (DCG426M2). The new cordless grinders feature efficient, brushless motors that are durable, don’t require brush changes and offer long runtime.

DeWalt 20V Max cordless brushless 4.5-inch grinder
The DCG413R2 20V Max XR angle grinder.

The new DCG413R2 20V Max XR angle grinder features a brake, E-Clutch System and Kickback Brake. The brake quickly brings the wheel to a stop in two seconds or less when the trigger is released. The E-Clutch System automatically shuts down the motor when a wheel pinch is detected.

The Kickback Brake incorporates both features, activating in the event a pinch or stall occurs, engaging the brake at maximum force and shutting the tool down; effectively reducing the force exerted toward the user.

Additionally, the grinder features a One-Touch guard, which allows for single-action adjustments to change guard position. The grinder also comes with two removable mesh screens that help to block debris from entering the tool during use.

Finally, the grinder features an on/off trigger switch that has a no-volt release function to stop accidental turn-on. In the event of a power outage or other unexpected shut down, the trigger switch mudt be cycled off and on to restart tool.

At only 3.75 pounds (tool only) and 12.2 inches long, the tool achieves up to 850 mwo.

DeWalt DCG413FR@ flathead grinder
The DCG413FR2 flathead grinder.

In addition to the DCG413R2, there is also a flathead version of the unit DCG413FR2 which offers similar features to the unit above, but incorporates a thin gear case that allows users to grinder in tighter spaces.

These tools are part of the DeWalt Perform and Protect line of tools designed to provide a high level of one or more of the following: control, dust containment or low vibration without sacrificing performance..

DeWalt DCG426M2 die grinder
DCG426M2 Max XR variable-speed die grinder.

The new DCG426M2 20V Max XR variable-speed die grinder features a three-speed selector switch allowing users to choose 0 to 10,000 rpm, 0 to 17,500 rpm, and 0 to 25,000 rpm. A variable-speed rocker switch controls speed within those ranges based on the pressure applied to the rocker switch. The unit has also been outfitted with a three LED light ring that helps to illuminate the work surface during use.