Mobile high-power generators

Wacker Neuson now offers the G625 500kWprime/550kW standby and G1100 1015 kW prime/1015 kW standby mobile generators for larger, industrial applications.

WAcker Neuson G625 generator
The Wacjer Neuson G625 500 kWprime/550 kW standby porable generator.

Both models offer load sharing/paralleling capabilities so they can easily be paralleled to meet even higher power demands. The units feature a Deep Sea 8610 controller and motorized circuit breaker that allows load sharing/paralleling operation and provide synchronized communication between generators.

Several components are designed to improve simplicity, reliability and environmental friendliness. The G625 is powered by an 810 hp. 6-cylinder Volvo Tier 2 diesel engine housed in a sound-attenuated enclosure and available in skid or trailer mount configurations.

The G1100 is powered by a 1,490 hp. 12-cylinder Cummins Tier 2 diesel engine housed in a heavy-duty 20-foot ISO container, capable of operation in up to 113F.