LED light tower shines in extremes

Generac Magnum MLT4060MVD LED light tower provides bright, energy-efficient lighting for up to 580 hours at temperatures reaching -40F.

Generac LED light towerEngineering the next generation of light towers is all about delivering energy efficiency while ensuring maximum durability for demanding operating conditions. For those times when the mercury falls to bone-chilling levels or when the scorching heat sends others packing, Generac Mobile Products has a new lighting solution to keep the job site active: the MLT4060MVD light tower.

Engineered to deliver long-lasting lighting with minimum power consumption, this light tower is built for the extreme or remote job site. It comes equipped with four Generac 240 W LED light fixtures and an extended-run ECOSpeed engine. The engine can be easily controlled -- allowing it to operate on multiple speed settings that create better fuel efficiency -- for up to 580 hours of run time, the ability to make adjustments during times when more or less light is needed.

The Generac Magnum Power Zone autolight controller features automatic start/stop and dusk-to-dawn photo sensor operation, making the light tower especially smart. A temperature management system is also built into the ECOSpeed engine design to keep the engine running smoothly while managing loads for days when the temperatures go as low as -40F and as high as 120F.

The four 240-watt LED light fixtures featured on the MLT4060MVD are waterproof, extremely durable and create energy-efficient light that consumes minimal power.

Deployed atop a mast with a maximum height of 23 feet, they have a combined total light output of 88,000 lumens and are warranted for 5 years or 10,000 hours of use.

“We built this light tower for those professionals who need light absolutely anywhere,” says Mark Hanson, vice president of sales, Generac Mobile Products. “Working on a job site in extreme conditions is tough, so we made this light tower as easy as possible to operate, re-fuel and service and as tough as the professionals who use it.”

The MLT4060MVD light tower also offers a rust-resistant, powder-coated aluminum enclosure, 359 degree mast rotation and an extended 750-hour service interval.

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