LED light tower 

New Generac MLT6SMD LED model offers 215 hour runtime, quiet operation.

Generac LED light tower
New Generac MLT6SMD LED model offers 215 hour runtime, quiet operation

With a small footprint, easy-to-use controls and attractive appearance, the Generac Magnum MLT6 series light towers are a perfect choice for construction sites to special events in a variety of conditions.

A new LED model of the MLT6 series, the MLT6SMD, maximizes ROI by driving up rate and utilization while driving down operating costs. The MLT6SMD light tower offers an extended run time of as much as 215 hours on a single tank of fuel, thanks to its 43-gallon fuel tank and Tier 4 final-compliant ECOSpeed diesel engine,which can operate at different speeds based upon electricity demand and energy-efficient Generac LED light fixtures.

The ECOSpeed engine also ensures quiet operation, making the MLT6SMD ideal for special events. As with all MLT6 series light towers, the MLT6SMD also offers a significantly smaller footprint than many comparable light towers.

With stowed dimensions of only 118 inches x 57 inches x 101 inches, up to 19 units can fit on a 53-foot flatbed, significantly reducing freight costs. All MLT6 models are outfitted with easy-to-use features. A 23-foot vertical mast deploys quickly and easily with a two-handled manual winch; an electric winch is optional. The ability to rotate the mast 359 degrees from ground level makes it safe and easy to direct the light exactly to where it’s needed.

Standard on the MLT6SMD light tower and optional on the other models in the MLT6 series is the PowerZone autolight controller, which offers users programmable settings for automated control, including start/stop and dusk-to-dawn settings.

On top of its cost-effectiveness and easy-to-deploy design, MLT6 light towers are designed to withstand the rigors of the outdoor working environment. Each tower is outfitted with a corrosion-proof poly shell that will stand up to getting knocked around while still looking better longer. The flip hood provides easy access to the engine and alternator, making service and maintenance a breeze.