SiteControl CoPilot system for select Case dozers

New machine control system — the result of a partnership between Case and Leica Geosystems — provides innovative and cost-effective grade control solution for Case dozers.

Case Construction Equipment introduces the all-new SiteControl CoPilot powered by Leica Geosystems. Available factory-installed or as a retrofit on select Case M Series dozers, the CoPilot system bridges the gap between automatic and indicate-only systems and offers a cost-effective entry into 2D and 3D machine control technology.

Case SiteControl CoPilot systemThe Case SiteControl CoPilot system is the result of a global partnership with Leica Geosystems, and is comprised of an inertial measurement unit, wiring harness and in-cab display. The easy-to-use system allows operators to set a desired slope/grade reference and then the dozer automatically holds that slope/grade without the need for lasers, masts or GPS—regardless of underfoot conditions—enabling seasoned and less-experienced operators to easily achieve and maintain a smooth surface, slope or grade throughout the work area.

Once the operator has set the slope/grade specifications, the system automatically adjusts blade position to produce a reliable and consistent quality surface, eliminating the need for additional passes and re-work, and reducing fuel and labor costs. An integrated in-cab display provides real-time data to the operator.

Scalable solution
While the system provides many 2D system benefits without the need for masts, base stations or lasers, it can also be used as a building block for Leica 2D and 3D system upgrades as an equipment user’s needs evolve. This system functionality can also be added to existing 2D and 3D machine control systems and is compatible with existing 2D and 3D Leica displays.

The SiteControl CoPilot system is available on Case 1150M, 1650M and 2050M M-Series dozers through Case Certified Precision Solution Dealers.

Case Construction Equipment and Leica Geosystems
In 2014, Case Construction Equipment and Leica Geosystems announced a strategic partnership to develop and provide machine-control factory-installed and aftermarket technologies throughout the Case line of construction equipment.

Part of a global alliance between Leica Geosystems and CNH Industrial, the agreement includes a commitment to shared product development, which enables the full integration of Leica Geosystems solutions from the factory on Case equipment and expands access and support of machine control technologies through a growing number of Case Certified Precision Solution Dealers.

The partnership also includes the availability of off-machine precision construction tools through North America Case dealers, including pipe lasers, rotating lasers, underground utility locators and automatic/electronic levels. Case has developed three levels of certification that enable each dealer to carry the expanded product offering, and provide consultation and customer service on precision construction products and applications.

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