High-efficiency airless paint sprayers

Titan ControlMax Series high-efficiency airless (HEA) paint sprayers are easy to use and deliver maximum control when spraying at production speed.

titan airless paint sprayer

For homeowners, handymen, and paint contractors, Titan’s new ControlMax sprayers are designed to spray coatings with up to 55 percent less overspray than conventional airless paint sprayers, while delivering the same productivity. Less overspray reduces masking and clean-up time, wastes less paint, and increases the number of painting applications that can be completed with a sprayer.

ControlMax Series sprayers have a softer, more forgiving spray pattern and produce a consistent finish from start to finish when spraying unthinned coatings.  They spray efficiently at lower pressure and are built best-in-class durability, titan sources report. ControlMax sprayers last up to three times longer than comparable airless sprayers in their class, and tips last two times longer than standard high pressure airless systems. Featuring high-impact polymers and thick-gauge metal tubing, these sprayers will stand up to the toughest ongoing use, and they are covered by an unmatched two-year limited warranty.

“Our new ControlMax Series sprayers are precise, easy to control, and produce minimal overspray,” says Chris Noto, director of products for Titan.“They take the intimidation out of spraying with a professional airless sprayer, making it easy to spray like a pro.”