Mechanic’s truck, telescopic crane

Iowa Mold Tooling Co., Inc. (IMT) introduces the Dominator III 11-foot mechanic’s truck and 25-foot 12000-pound telescopic crane.

“We took the same approach with the 11-foot version of the Dominator III as we did with the 14-foot: provide a reliable, durable service truck with high-performance capabilities,” says Jim Hasty, general manager of IMT. “We aimed to meet our customer’s needs while offering a lighter, maneuverable body paired with increased lifting capacity from the 25-foot 12,000-pound crane.”

Dominator III truck bodyThe new Dominator III 11-foot is capable of working in tighter quarters than the larger 14-foot body, while maintaining stability and providing extra lift performance in critical work zones. The 11-foot body was driven by a market demand for a maneuverable truck that provides all the convenience and support of a service truck with the ability to meet tight application needs.

“The 11-foot body paired with the 12,000-pound crane offers operators enhanced flexibility on the worksite without sacrificing lifting capacity,” says Hasty. “Customers will find that the new 11-foot Dominator III is an economical solution that has all the quality and options they’ve come to expect from IMT.”

Additionally, IMT reduced the weight of the upgraded 25-foot 12000-pound telescopic crane by 440 pounds, while increasing the crane rating to 81,000-foot-pounds. The IMT 12000-pound crane can clear a 12,000-pound load easily, excelling in zones where operators work. Its increased capabilities complement the improved, lighter Dominator III 11-foot body, while offering operators superior performance.

The Dominator III 11-foot body enhances IMT’s Dominator line of service trucks, while providing superior performance and customizable options in a compact solution.

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