New 255- and 380-amp power blocks

BlockMaster introduces its HP series high-power terminal blocks.

Rated at 600 volt with a choice of 255 or 380 amps are built to provide power panel distribution and can also be used for lighter power applications and has extended utility as a Blockmaster HR series“one size fits all” product line. They are ideally suited for high-power distribution in electrical panels, to transition larger wire gauge, high-power mains to smaller-gauge lower power branch circuits, in applications such as HVAC equipment, standby generators, chillers, switchgear, lighting panels and other industrial and commercial applications.

The line features five products, with a selection of one, two or three poles, optional clear plastic covers and a wide variety of terminations, including (line side/load side): screw clamp/stud; screw clamp/screws; screw clamp/screw clamp; stud/stud; or stud/screws.

They comply with UL and CSA standards, as well as RoHS.

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