Posted May 15, 2018

Li-ion-powered jump starter

The Weego66 is a compact, safe and reliable portable jump starter that features versatile, rugged 12V lithium-ion jump starting power.

Sources report it is the most significant update to jump starter technology in more than 40 years, It has the power needed to get cars, trucks, tractors, boats, and light-duty equipment moving again. Weighing only 2.5 pounds, The four-in-one Weego 66is made for 12V gas and diesel engine systems. It  jump-starts with 2500 peak amps and 600 cranking amps; is capable of bringing phones, tablets, laptops or other mobile devices back to life via 5-volt USB and 19-volt outputs; powers 12-volt portable accessories and provides ultra-bright lighting functionality with a 600-lumen dual-LED flashlight

Weego66 portable jump starter
The Weego66 li-ion-powered jump starter.

“The downside of jump starting products for the pro is their size and weight, inability to hold a charge over an extended period, relatively short lifespan, lack of safety features and almost complete lack of versatility,” says Gerry Toscani, CEO of Weego. “Following years of listening to our customers and intensive field testing, Weego has designed and engineered the 66 right here in the USA to be a real all-in-one workhorse.”
Weego 66 comes with Smarty Clamps – innovative, patented, ergonomic jump starter clamps that incorporate lights and sounds to guide users through the jumping process, and feature built-in anti-spark, reverse polarity, overheat and power surge protection; The tapered tips fit in tight spaces and the clamps open extra-wide and are powered on both sides to ensure good connections. Weego 66 also has incredible holding power, providing up to 2-years standby time and a broad operating range of -4 to 140 F.

Offering AutoBoost functionality for those extra-tough situations, the Weego 66 automatically sends maximum power to dead batteries (down to ½ volt) without an override button. This new feature eliminates all guesswork and is still safe for the user. 

“The main advantage of Weego 66 is its power to weight ratio,” says Toscani. “With Weego 66 up to 90 percent lighter and 80 percent smaller than comparably-powered, traditional, lead-acid jump boxes, think of your Weego as an investment in a game-changing, compact, powerful, safer, and easier-to-use tool. Unlike those big jump boxes, it reduces strain on the user and is easy to maneuver in tight spaces. Its ergonomic design makes any job easier. It is also versatile enough to be used every day to keep a phone or laptop charged on the jobsite where outlets may be at a premium or as a tactical-grade flashlight when working in dimly lit areas.”

The rugged Weego 66 is IP65 rated for water, dust and dirt resistance. Weego 66 is independently lab tested and backed by an 18-month warranty.