Engines with application-specific electronic fuel injection

Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power continues to develop and expand its electronic fuel injection offerings for Vanguard commercial engines.

Vanguard engines with EFI
Vanguard customizes EFI technology to suit specific applications and backs each engine with in-depth training and support.

Vanguard offers nine engine models, varying in output from 23 to 37 gross horsepower* across four engine families. Vanguard EFI is a comprehensive solution that combines customized applications of the technology with in-depth training and support. This application approach allows effective integration of EFI across a wide range of engine families and opens the door to the technology in new commercial market segments.
Vanguard’s EFI training and support includes a comprehensive service school complete with hands on training, online testing and access to a complete library of diagnostic videos. Training sessions are offered at the Briggs & Stratton service education center and various locations throughout the U.S. The sessions can also be live streamed.

To further simplify service training, a single service manual for all EFI engines provides easy-to-follow flow charts along with full-color images and wiring diagrams. EFI service diagnostic offerings include a Tiny Scan Code Reader, which provides a numeric trouble code that can be easily interpreted with the aid of Vanguard Power Code. The Power Code system uses QR codes to provide quick access to information and relevant service requirements.

For more advanced diagnostics, Vanguard offers software designed to provide quicker and more thorough diagnosis of issues. It can be used to download and flash new or updated calibrations into the engine control unit while in the field. The information can also be exported for further analysis.

“At Vanguard, we don’t see EFI as a one-size-fits-all benefit. Our focus is application specific; it’s EFI done right,” says Jim Cross, marketing manager, Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power.

In commercial turf applications, Vanguard EFI is available on its 810cc V-Twin and Bog Block engines. These models feature an automotive-based closed-loop system for as much as 25 percent better fuel economy, a key benefit in applications where engines are running for extended periods of time.

In construction applications, Vanguard offers its horizontal-shaft Big Block EFI engines in 33-, 35- and 37-gross-horsepower*. These engines feature the same closed-loop EFI system used for commercial turf with a focus on both fuel economy and reliable starting.
For air-cooled marine applications, an open-loop EFI system is preprogrammed to deliver fuel based on operator throttle inputs. This provides the benefits of EFI without the higher costs of a closed-loop system. An idle air control device and throttle position sensor control a low idle speed of only 850 rpm.

Vanguard also uses an open-loop system on its horizontal-shaft Small Block V-Twin engine. The 627cc engine, developed for powering fire and rescue equipment, provides 23 gross horsepower.

“Everything we do is focused on delivering productivity and addressing the practical function of our engines. Our approach to EFI is no different,” says Cross. “We prioritize how it’s applied based on user input whether it’s power, fuel efficiency or reliable starting. This extra effort ensures that each customer will experience the Vanguard power and performance they’ve come to rely on.”