Directional drill

New Toro Drill Operating System (TDOS) streamlines pipe handling for improved cycle times.

Toro TDOS underground system
Toro TDOS directional drill.

Utilities and underground industry contractors have a new tool to increase productivity with the launch of Toro’s new directional drill operating system, TDOS-1 with SmartTouch. The new system allows pipe handling functions to be performed using a single input on the joystick in SmartTouch operating mode.

Available as an option on the DD2024 directional drill, TDOS-1 with SmartTouch streamlines pipe handling by allowing the operator to use the cam rocker switch to advance through the pipe handling process. Each push of the switch corresponds to a sequence of pipe handling functions. This makes the pipe handling process easy to learn, improving the operating experience for new operators.

Combined with mode selection (drill out or pull back), the SmartTouch feature also performs some pipe handling functions in tandem to help reduce overall cycle times for enhanced productivity.

“We designed TDOS-1 with SmartTouch in response to end-user feedback,” explains Joshua Beddow, marketing manager at The Toro Company. “We’ve heard from drill operators that every second counts when it comes to pipe handling cycle times, and SmartTouch makes it possible to perform more functions at the same time. Even new operators can quickly achieve faster pipe handling cycles using the SmartTouch mode.”

In addition, the TDOS-1 with SmartTouch software upgrade gives the DD2024 the benefit of a more visually appealing and intuitive interface for accessing drill functions and information on the drill display. Features include the ability to select single or dual joystick mode on the fly, as well as easy-to-use torque, thrust and tool rotation selectable limits for quick adjustments to match bore requirements. Display contrast and day/night mode adjustments also allow users to change the display as light conditions change.

Other features include advanced hour meters that record engine and drill operating time for accurate machine utilization information and pre-set maintenance reminders. Plus, diagnostic screens provide real-time information for rapid troubleshooting.

TDOS-1 with SmartTouch is available now to install on existing units, with all new DD2024 units to feature the new operating system. Toro recommends that all DD2024 machines currently in operation be updated to either TDOS-1 or the Classic Revision V software, as part of a regularly scheduled maintenance program.

For more information or to schedule a demonstration of the benefits of TDOS-1 with SmartTouch, contact your local Toro dealer or visit