Articulating boom

The Skyjack SJ85 AJ articulating boom is the company’s largest articulating boom and features all of the same design elements that made the SJ63 AJ a hit.

Skyjack SY85 AJ AWPLinamar Corporation’s Skyjack division is unveiling its new SJ85 AJ articulating boom for the first time to a European audience at APEX in Amsterdam from May 2 to 4.

“We’re pleased to reveal our new SJ85 AJ articulating boom to European customers for the first time at APEX,” says Brad Boehler, president of Skyjack. “As the largest of our articulating booms with excellent functionality, we believe it redefines expectations of what an 85-foot unit can do, and it’s a great opportunity for visitors to the show to find out more.”

The new SJ85 AJ is the largest of Skyjack’s articulating booms. It features a class-leading platform height of 85 feet,  a working height of 91 feet, a horizontal reach of 56 feet and a superior up-and-over clearance of 34 feet. It has 360-degree continuous turret rotation, a dual-capacity rating of 750/500 pounds and two to three people rating to increase productivity and jobsite performance.

Redefining its class
“We’ve gone one step further with this new articulating boom,” says Corey Connolly, product manager for booms at Skyjack. “Having a large unit with exceptional up-and-over clearance to complement the great working height and horizontal reach will mean that operators are able to complete many tasks across all kinds of applications.”

The SJ85 AJ also has efficient function speeds: its riser and boom geometry allows operators to go from the ground to maximum height in approximately 60 seconds.

“As a versatile unit, the SJ85 AJ offers a great return on investment for rental customers and increases our competitive edge in the articulating boom market,” Connolly says.

Enhanced functionality
As with Skyjack’s SJ63 AJ articulating boom, the SJ85 AJ utilizes an open-center knuckle riser design that enables efficient function speeds from ground to maximum height in around 60 seconds, as well as minimal tail swing and compact stowed dimensions.

The unit also features: SkyRiser, a true vertical rise without drifting; SpeedyReach, the lowering of the fly boom to ground level without lowering the riser; EasyDrive, direction-sensing drive and steer controls regardless of turret position over chassis; and AxlDrive, an axle-based drive system for excellent rough-terrain traction.

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