Posted April 17, 2018

Lightweight shallow trencher

The Brave model BRPT704H is a lightweight, belt-and-pulley driven trencher featuring a Honda GX160 engine, that operates at a rate of up to 20 feet per minute.

It offers an easy to use, versatile design and can be easily loaded, unloaded and operated by one person.

Brave shallow trencher
The Brave BRPT704H shallow trencher can cut from 4 to 7 inches deep.

The BRPT704H rotor is fully enclosed with a clutch lever to cut power to it for safety. Adjustable trench depth from 4 inches to 7 inches with standard rotor. Changing the tungsten-carbide rotor is easy with the removal of a single nut using a tool that comes standard with each unit. The trencher’s low-profile design provides maximum stability with minimum turf damage.

With optional specialized rotors, this trencher can be used for a variety of landscaping tasks including burying cable or pipe, pruning roots, grinding small stumps, defining landscape beds and installing edging, invisible dog fencing or sprinkler systems.

Brave manufactures high-quality, outdoor power equipment for direct distribution to rental stores. Top quality Brave log splitters have been available since 1982. Brave has since expanded its line-up to also include hot and cold water pressure washers, earth augers, generators, hydraulic power packs, trenchers and pumps.