Pressure washers

The new Stihl RB 600 and RB 800 gasoline-powered pressure washers combine power, performance and ease of use for the toughest commercial and industrial cleaning jobs.

Stihl RB 800 pressure washerDesigned for extensive professional use, the pressure washers are equipped with premium engine features and commercial-grade Triplex pump components with a brass manifold, stainless steel valves and ceramic pistons.*

The RB 600 gets the job done with a high-powered 7.0 hp. commercial-grade engine delivering 3,200 psi at a rate of up to 3.0 gpm. The RB 800 is the most powerful industrial-strength high-pressure washer in the Stihl linewith a 14.0 hp). engine delivering 4,200 psi water pressure hitting the toughest heavy-duty commercial cleaning projects with up to 4.0 gpm.

“These commercial-grade, high-powered pressure washers are equipped with the durability and technology our customers have come to count on from Stihl,” says Brian Manke, Stihl product manager. “They also feature an easy-start pump system that lets the user start the washer without difficulty or any back pressure from the pump.”

*Ceramic-coated pistons featured on RB 600, solid ceramic pistons on RB 800.

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RB600 RB800
Displacement 208 cc 429 cc
Engine power 7 hp. 14 hp.
Weight 118.0 lbs. 168 lbs.
Fuel capacity 4.2 qt. 7.4 qt.
Water pressure 3200 psi 4200 psi
Water flow 3 gpm 4 gpm
Hose length 40 feet 50 feet