Aluminum mechanic service body

Stellar Industries, Inc. introduces the TMax aluminum series of mechanic service bodies.
This body is the latest evolutionary design in the TMax Series and combines the crane-carrying reliability of the Stellar Torq-Isolator torsion box.

TMax Aluminum service body from Stallar IndustruesThe TMax aluminum body is available in three sizes: the TMax 1-11, the TMax 2-11 and the TMax 2-14. These aluminum bodies are 780 to 1440-pounds lighter than their steel counterparts while still incorporating the proven Torq-Isolator understructure.

The bodies feature the industry’s first aluminum extrusion compartment top. The extruded top is formed of high strength aluminum and features two built-in accessory mounting rails that eliminate the need to drill holes in the compartment tops to mount equipment. The advent of the built-in accessory mounting rails makes mounting and relocating accessories simple, Stellar sources report and greatly reduces the chance of water intrusion into compartments. The extruded top incorporates wire harness channels inside the compartments for easy installation and to keep wires out of the way. The bodies also come with many of the same standard features as steel counterparts. This includes billet-style stainless-steel hinges, three-point compression locks, double-panel doors, and double-spring over-center door closures.

“Stellar is using its unique historical core competencies to bring steel and aluminum together to make the ultimate heavy-duty, yet lightweight, body,” says Tim Davison, product manager at Stellar Industries. He continues, “We’ve designed a great product with this TMax Aluminum series. We made sure we tested this body in real-world situations taken to the extreme. And we are ready to show the marketplace that we’ve done our homework. We want to prove to the customer that we design and build a fantastic product.”

“We approached this challenge with a unique hybrid material design that was given more thought and effort than just converting parts from steel to aluminum,” says Matt Schroeder, Stellar Industries engineering manager, “What we have accomplished is a body that is designed to take advantage of aluminum properties where it makes sense while keeping steel where it is needed. The TMax Aluminum design is significantly lighter while remaining as durable as the steel TMax design.”

“Combining steel and aluminum in our designs is not new to us. We know how to keep the dissimilar metals from reacting negatively where they are joined and thus keeping the aluminum corrosion resistant,” Achroeder says.

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