Posted March 22, 2019

Concrete saw

The MK-1800 from MK Diamond Products is the first portable concrete saw to offer an integrated water tank, option for propane and balanced weight over the blade shaft and wheels.

The crank assist is the first of its kind to reduce operator fatigue and improves the raising and lowering of the blade.

MK-1800 concrete saw
The MK-1800 Concrete Saw is designed for wet or dry, general application sawing and features either a Honda, Vanguard or Kohler engine. 

The MK-1800 Concrete Saw is designed for wet or dry, general application sawing and features either a Honda, Vanguard or Kohler engine. The heavy-duty frame is made from hot-rolled steel providing maximum durability and the reinforced box steel construction provides balanced weight distribution. The ergonomic vibration-dampening handlebars reduce operator fatigue. The depth control assembly allows the blade to be raised and lowered to the desired cutting depth easily.

The Micro-V 20J belt provides maximum power transmission to the blade shaft. The maximum blade capacity is 18 inches, providing a 6 5/8-inch depth of cut. The hinged blade guard allows for easy blade changes. The ride-on-the-blade water distribution provides controlled water to both sides of the blade for optimum cooling. The 8-inch x 2 ¼-inch non-slip rubber wheels with maintenance-free hubs and roller bearings offer stability and long life.

The overall saw is precision-crafted to achieve perfect weight distribution for rear pivot maneuvering. It also features a lifting bail for easy transportation. The 6-gallon water tank is used when city water is not readily available.

The deluxe self-propelled model of the MK-1800 comes with a 36-volt DC brushless in-the-wheel motor. The wheel is powered by a 5.0Ah rechargeable Li-ion battery and is controlled by a handlebar-mounted thumb throttle that allows for easily controlled forward cutting speed. This powered wheel is mounted directly behind the blade to push the saw forward in the cut with straight line motion, minimizing operator steering correction. There is no need to engage and disengage the self-propelled feature. When the wheel is not under power, the saw can be pushed freely. The saw is provided with two batteries and a 120-volt AC charger so the battery can quickly be changed out and recharged without losing cutting time.

 “The new MK-1800 is built in the MK Diamond tradition of delivering high performance and precision with every cut. Adding a new innovation with the new in-the-wheel motor adds to the reputation MK has for advantage technology,” says Brian Delahaut, vice-president, MK Diamond Products.