Posted March 16, 2018

LEDs offer more lighting punch

Generac Mobile Products’ next-gen LEDs are as powerful as but more focused than metal-halide fixtures.

Targeting light is becoming ever more important in light tower applications, whether it’s to mitigate light pollution or to avoid blinding drivers during road construction. While metal-halide bulbs can deliver a lot of light, they also tend to spill light where it is not needed.

Generac LED light tower
Generac LED light tower.

That’s why when developing its next generation of LED light fixtures, Generac Mobile Products sought both power and focus to augment the durability advantages LEDs have over metal halide bulbs. And the company has achieved both.

Introduced at The Rental Show 2018, the latest LED fixtures from Generac Mobile Products deliver 172,200 lumens — twice the output of the previous models — which provides equivalent light coverage to that of 1050-watt metal halide light fixtures. However, their light output is also more directional and focused than many competitive LED solutions.

“Lumens only tell you part of the story,” says Dave Streiff, vice president of Sales, Generac Mobile Products. “The next-gen LEDs and metal halides cover roughly the same area — about 19,500 sq. ft. But the light from the LEDs is much more focused and directional than what is available with metal halides.”

Additionally, LEDs offer better color rendition than metal-halide bulbs. This is important in construction applications that have hazard or warning labels and signage. Even working on equipment and being able to accurately distinguish color — perhaps a blue wire from a green wire — can mean the difference between doing a job correctly and experiencing downtime.

The new LED fixtures from Generac Mobile Products offer a 10-year life expectancy.

“LEDs offer so many advantages over metal-halide bulbs,” Streiff says. “They are much more durable. The poly lens design of these next-gen fixtures is impact-resistant and they’re IP68-rated and they require much less maintenance than metal halides. That means more uptime and less repair work on the part of rental houses and end users. With these new fixtures providing more focused and even light quality than other lighting solutions, there’s never been a better time to make the switch to Generac Mobile Products’ LED light towers.”

Generac Mobile Products’ new LEDs are now in production on the MLT6 compact light tower, the MLT6SMD. They will be available on the company’s other LED light towers later this year.