Jerr-Dan and JLG to build 10-ton Rental Spec (RS) carrier

Jerr-Dan Corporation and JLG Industries, both Oshkosh Corporation companies, will produce the 10-ton Rental Spec (RS) carrier for use in the equipment rental industry.

Jerr-Dan RS carrier.
The Jerr-Dan RS carrier specifically built to meet rental center needs.

Under the agreement, Jerr-Dan and JLG shared innovative technology and engineering resources to jointly design, construct and develop a carrier for the equipment rental industry. Leading the effort involved listening closely to the voice of the customer from the aerial work platform (AWP) rental market. Rental companies across the U.S. market expressed a need for a carrier that would allow them to transport their rental equipment and machinery. 

The Jerr-Dan 10-ton RS Carrier will be available exclusively for the rental industry through JLG Industries starting July 2017.

“We are excited to introduce a new carrier for our customers in the rental industry, which was designed specifically for the equipment rental business affording rentability, efficiency and durability,” said Jeff Irr, director of sales and marketing for Jerr-Dan. The new innovation is only possible because of the synergies between Jerr-Dan and JLG integrating manufacturing knowledge and engineering expertise in order to bring a ground-breaking product to the rental industry currently not available.”

“We are thrilled to see this new built-to-last carrier come to fruition and provide the rental industry with a product,” said Bob Nelson, vice president for North America sales and service for JLG Industries. “We’re proud to partner with our sister company, Jerr-Dan, and highlight the strength of our Access Equipment market capabilities.”  

The Jerr-Dan 10 Ton RS Carrier features dual operating boxes located on each side of the carrier. It was modeled after the aerial work platform control panels designed by JLG engineers that allow carrier operators to easily identify functions and operate the carrier.

Some of the carrier’s standard features will include the following: 

  • all steel deluxe headboard with integrated 24” long grab handles and chain racks;
  • hardwood decking made with Brazilian Apitong wood available in 24 ft., 26 ft.
    and 28 ft. length;
  • anti-skid yellow paint treatment;
  • full-function wireless remote control;
  • LED lighting and a deck-mounted 3-step fold-out ladder.

In addition, the 10 Ton RS Carrier has lower mounted bed heights which allows for easier loading and unloading and no special chassis modification needed. Jerr-Dan’s exclusive No-Lube technology, featuring low maintenance slide pads and pivot joints provides reliability and a 3-year standard warranty delivers incomparable dependability.  The 10 ton RS Carrier will have straightforward service and maintenance requirements, making it an attractive addition to any rental fleet.