Narrow electric scissor lifts

JLG Industries, Inc. introduces two new electric scissor lifts — the 4045R and 1532R that will be available globally mid-year 2017.

JLG 4045 scissor lift JLG 1532 scissor lift
JLG 4045 scissor lift JLG1532 scissor lift

“The new 4045 features a slimline design for seamless movement in and around tight work areas, offering a 45 inch machine width — the narrowest offered among competitive manufacturers in its size class,” said Paul Kreutzwiser JLG Industries global category director, aerial work platforms. “Machine width is extremely important when used in distribution centers and warehouse applications, where machines are maneuvered through tightly spaced aisles. The compact footprint of the 4045R enables side-by-side transport on most trucks and inside containers for lower transportation costs and improved efficiency.”

The 4045R is the first JLG electric scissor lift to feature side forklift pockets, allowing a wide range of forklifts to be used for loading or unloading the unit/s. In addition, the lift’s innovative self-centering feature uses a five-level scissor design with fewer linkage points vs. competitive six-level models. Fewer linkage points improve operator comfort when working at the machine’s maximum 40-foot height, resulting in greater worker confidence for improved productivity.

The new JLG 4045R is one of the only scissor lifts in its category with an indoor and outdoor rating. Operators can drive the machine at full height indoors and at a maximum 28 feet outdoors for enhanced versatility.

Like the 4045R, the JLG 1532R features compact dimensions, including a 32-inch machine width, allowing the unit to fit through narrow spaces and work in confined areas. A platform height of 15 feet, platform capacity of 600 pounds and a layout that optimizes serviceability combine to deliver maximum efficiency on the job site.

Both models include benefits common to other units in the JLG R Series, including:

• A reliable and simple pothole protection system, with a single limit switch and harness, along with fewer moving parts for reduced service requirements.
• Easier access to internal machine components for simplified servicing.
• Support through JLG’s full portfolio of aftermarket services.
• Improved battery charger, to allow technicians to program changes that optimize charge curves for conventional wet or AGM batteries through a simple USB port.
• An all-steel platform, steel component trays and recessed ground control panel for long term machine durability.

Along with common parts and service procedures, these shared benefits contribute to operator and technician familiarity across JLG R Series lifts, simplifying training while improving operational efficiency and safety.

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