Trelleborg pneumatic tires

Trelleborg Wheel Systems introduces its line of pneumatic tires to the North American market.

Trelleborg ERL Series tires
Trelleborg ERL Series

“We’re excited to launch this pneumatic line in the USA, completing our range and enabling us to bring the US market the same successes we’ve seen in Europe,” says Jean-Paul Mindermann, president of Trelleborg Wheel Systems Industrial and Construction Tires operations.

ERL Series
A highlight of Trelleborg’s pneumatic line is the Earthmover Radial Series (ERL) for use by loaders and graders. No matter the terrain or weather conditions, these tires offer trusted quality and reliability, Trelleborg sources report. Designed to increase productivity and reduce fuel consumption, tires in the ERL range will reduce operating costs.

ERL features include:

  • All steel-radial construction provides optimum durability and maximum productivity
  • Perfect control enhances traction on sand, mud and gravel while reducing vibration on concrete and asphalt
  • Long-life compound resists punctures
  • State-of-the art manufacturing and rigorous testing ensure optimal performance

SK Series
The pneumatic Skid Steer Diagonal Series (SK) offers various tread patterns to provide the strength needed to get the job done, and are shown to enhance productivity and efficiency.

SK features include:

  • Rugged-bias ply construction provides durability and stability
  • Tread designs that enhance traction on sand, mud and gravel
  • Long-life compound that resists punctures
  • State-of-the art manufacturing and rigorous testing that ensure optimal performance

TI Series
In addition, the Trelleborg pneumatic line includes the Backhoe Diagonal Series (TI) for use in virtually all construction applications; the Earthmover Diagonal Series (EM) for use in demanding earthmoving applications; and more.

For a look at the full range freedom of the Trelleborg pneumatic line, click here.