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Small range dewatering pumps

Chicago Pneumatic Power Technique (CP) has introduced WEDA, a small range of five dewatering pumps.

WEDA pumps are ideal for customers in the construction and rental industries, where small, lightweight, portable and easily maintained pumps are required to perform daily jobs quickly.

WEDA pumps
Chcago Pneumatic's new WEDA pump line.

Included in the five WEDA pumps are two drainage pumps (WEDA 04, WEDA 08), two sludge/trash pumps (WEDA 04S, WEDA 08S) and a residual pump (WEDA Q4B).

They provide fast and efficient dewatering for a wide variety of applications, including excavations in construction areas, general dewatering requirements at mines, shipyards and other industrial sites, fire brigades, utility installations and repairs, maintenance and cleanup tasks in urban areas, and government and military response and preparedness program.

The design of the pump’s outer jacket for cooling and thermo protection keeps it running safely under various conditions. All pumps can handle fluid temperatures up to 95F and have a maximum submerged operating depth of 16 feet.    

WEDA 04, WEDA 08 drainage pumps
The WEDA 04 and WEDA 08 drainage pumps have a polyurethane semi vortex impeller designed to handle water on construction sites, in manholes and industrial pits with very low risk of clogging. A high-torque capacitor/motor and a three-terminal auto cut prevent the motor from overload and dry burning.

The WEDA 04 features 0.5 horsepower motor and weighs 20 pounds. The pump has a discharge of two inches with a maximum flow of 66 gpm and 4.2 liters per second (l/sec). The WEDA 08 offers 1 horsepower and a weight of 27 pounds. With a discharge of 2 inches, the maximum flow for the WEDA 08 is 86 gpm, and 5.4 l/sec. The WEDA 04 is 13.4 inches long; the WEDA 08 is 13 inches long. 

WEDA 04B residual pump
This residual pump can pump down to one millimeter. A rubber-coated bottom helps to avoid damage to tanks and pools. A one-inch outlet with a non-return valve lifts and moves the pump without spilling or losing suction. Additionally, a two-inch outlet transforms the pump into a regular dewatering pump. With a maximum flow of 60 gpm and 3.75 l/sec, the WEDA 04B weighs 21 pounds. 

WEDA 04S, WEDA 08S sludge/trash pumps
Tough against sand, mud and trash, the WEDA 04S and WEDA 08S sludge/trash pumps are designed with a vortex cast-iron impeller and triple seal system. Particles and debris of up to one inch can go through the pump housing with minimal wear and it offers the same motor protection as the WEDA 04 and WEDA 08 drainage pumps.    

The WEDA 04S features 0.5 horsepower motor and weighs 22 pounds. The pump has a discharge of two inches with a maximum flow of 71 gpm, and 4.5 l/sec. The WEDA 08S features a one horsepower motor and weighs 29 pounds. With a discharge of two inches, the maximum flow for the WEDA 08 is 84 gpm and 5.3 l/sec. The WEDA 04S is 14.6 inches long compared to 16.4 inches for the WEDA 08S.


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