Posted March 5, 2018

Gas-powered LED light towers

LED, gas-powered models illuminate benefits beyond traditional diesel/metal-halide units.

Introducing the next generation of jobsite lighting in North America — the new Terex RL 4 LED gas-powered light tower.

Terex RL 4 LED light tower
The new Terex RL 4 LED gas-powered light tower.

This innovative new light tower is a fully featured, towable, self-powered model that offers clean, quiet operation and precision lighting performance that rivals diesel/metal halide units. It is ideally suited for use in short-term rental situations, such as special event venues, airports, municipalities and emergency-scene applications. To meet customers’ fleet needs, Terex RL4 LED light tower is available in either Terex white or Genie blue branding.

Advantages of LED
“Durable, reliable and cost-effective LED lighting is now available in North American rental markets,” says Josh Taylor, Genie product manager, Terex AWP. “Thanks to the LED light modules’ extended lifespans, lower energy consumption and lower maintenance requirements, this type of light tower is in high demand to use on construction sites as well as in non-traditional rental applications. And, it is competitively priced against traditional units so our customers will get all the benefits of this innovative technology, while also realizing a high rental return on invested capital (rROIC).”

LED lights can provide 50,000 hours of service life. Also, LED lights are engineered with instant-on/off capability, which means that the lights come on at 100 percent brightness almost instantly. These LED lights can be turned off quickly and cool immediately.

The color integrity of LEDs is also an advantage, providing a more natural looking light that reduces glare and avoids harsh lighting tones. Offering innovative solutions to maximize performance, the new Terex RL4 LED light towers are equipped with four 230 W LED light panels to provide users with the clear, useable light.

Advantages of gas power
The new Terex RL4 LED light tower is driven by a Champion gas engine coupled with an innovative 3.5 kW inverter generator. Engineered for low fuel consumption, the unique design of the new Terex RL4 LED gas-powered light tower offers variable-speed performance that matches the unit’s output to the required load. It is EPA/CARB compliant and equipped with wireless start capabilities. “This fuel-efficient engine is small but mighty,” says Taylor. “Equipped with a 17.5-gallon fuel tank, users will get approximately 80 hours of run time per tank. The smaller engine also requires fewer maintenance items like fuel filters, oil filters or V-belts.”

Designed to match the performance of traditional diesel-powered units, the Terex RL4 LED light tower offers 2kW of convenience power, enough to run up to three units at one time from a single engine and two additional units on stand-by. “Also, thanks to its stable, low distortion power design,” says Taylor, “the Terex RL4 LED light tower can easily run tools and accessories. And, it can be plugged into and run from a standard wall outlet to run off the power grid for completely emissions-free operation.”

The Terex RL4 LED gas-powered light tower also operates quietly: 58 dBA at 23 fet under full load, which makes it great for use in urban areas and other noise-sensitive work environments.

New features, proven design
Incorporating the proven vertical mast design of the popular Terex RL4 metal halide light tower, the new Terex RL4 LED light tower features a 23.3-foot extended-height tower with 359 degrees of non-continuous tower rotation. These features mean operators get focused, pinpoint light positioning that provides the right amount of illumination exactly where it is needed. The light tower’s vertical mast design dramatically cuts set-up time by using only one self-braking winch for fast, easy tower erection and extension.

The vertical mast design also means this unit can be stowed with the mast on top of the unit instead of hanging over the end, which reduces the potential that the unit getting damaged in transit. The IP68-rated LED panels eliminate the inconvenience of broken bulbs while towing the unit. The unit is easily towable behind a pick-up truck equipped with a standard hitch. Or, thanks to its compact footprint design, customers can haul up to 17 units on a 48-foot trailer, expanding rental opportunities.

“These design features increase utilization from rental to rental and lower total cost of ownership for our customers,” finishes Taylor.

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