Tier 4 Final-compliant forwarders

Komatsu America Corp. announces a completely new line of EPA Tier 4 Final-certified forwarders.

Komatsu 845 forwarder
The Komatsu 845 is the smallest of the new Komatsu Tier 4 Final-compliant forwarder line.

The new 845, 855, 875 and 895 model lineup provides increased performance, productivity, operator comfort and convenience and serviceability when compared with the prior 855.1, 865 and 895 Tier 4 Interim-compliant models. The 845 is a new, additional model that performs in the 12 metric ton payload class.

Rated payload capacities for the 845, 855, 875 and 895 are 12, 14, 16 and 20 metric tons, respectively, and provide broad coverage. The 875 model is in a unique size class when compared with competitors that have either 15 or 18 metric ton capacity.

The EPA Tier 4 Final-certified engines provide 9 to 15 percent more horsepower and lower fuel consumption when compared with prior models. In addition, they also produce 9 percent more engine torque on the 875 and 895 models.

Along with the increased horsepower, these engines also feature high torque backup, high capacity cooling systems and lower noise levels, for high performance and productivity.
Rough terrain capability has been significantly improved with larger hydrostatic transmission (HST) pumps and/or motors producing up to 11 percent higher tractive effort.

The intelligent HST control unit continually responds to changes in terrain, load, engine-power output and crane usage. This HST combines with the proven Komatsu Comfort Bogie system with high portal offset, 42-degree articulated steering, more than 1 inch higher ground clearance, and V-shaped, high-strength, steel-frame bottom to create the ideal combination of traction, speed, maneuverability and comfort in all driving conditions, Komatsu sources report. A new, front blade arm design improves front-end ground clearance.

The rugged, updated Komatsu F-series family of parallel cranes feature high lifting and slewing torque for excellent productivity. The 875 has 14 percent more lifting torque and 32 percent more slewing torque, and the 895 has best-in-class lifting and slewing torque. Komatsu’s exclusive ProTec system provides excellent grapple hose protection for increased reliability.

The new, more robust FlexBunk system, with multiple frame lengths, optimizes the load space to further maximize productivity. The 845 and 895 feature the latest version of Komatsu’s patented rugged FlexGate headboard, which flexes when hit by the crane or log. The 855 and 875 use Komatsu’s proven fixed headboard with hydraulic telescopic upper gate.

Operator comfort and convenience
A premium, modern cab serves as the center point for exceptional operator comfort and convenience. Large windows offer excellent 360 degree and upward/downward line-of-sight visibility, providing the operator with a widescreen working view. Fourteen powerful LED working lights provide excellent illumination for improved productivity in low light conditions.

An air-suspension, air-vented seat, fully adjustable ergonomic armrests and hand controls and an automatic four-season climate control system keep the operator comfortable in all working conditions. The spacious cab has multiple covered and open storage areas, including separate heating/cooling boxes for food and beverages in the 855, 875 and 895 (optional on the 845). The unique Komatsu Comfort Ride hydraulic cab suspension system option on the 855, 875 and 895 greatly reduces operator fatigue due to their smooth-ride characteristics.

A new, more powerful computer and Komatsu’s advanced MaxiXplorer control and information system allows the operator to track production, adjust machine settings and track machine functions and status. A deluxe AM/FM/CD/MP3 stereo system with remote control, USB, Bluetooth, SiriusXM capability and hands-free microphone comes as standard equipment.

All daily maintenance checks and service points can be performed at ground level. All filters are now vertically mounted to minimize spills and ease replacement. The electrically-actuated engine hood (manually-actuated hood on 845) tilts 90 degrees to provide full engine access and serves as a work platform. Separate hydraulic tank and crane service platforms allow easy access to these component areas. Eight service hatches under the front and rear frames provide excellent drivetrain component access.

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