Compact vacuum excavator

Ring-O-Matic’s new compact vacuum-excavator gives rental agencies and startup contractors an economical, versatile hydro-excavator.

It's perfect for use on jobsites too small for typical vac-ex rigs.

Ring-O-Matic FT150 vacuum excavator
Ring-O-Matic FT150 with 150 gal. spoils tank fits in the bed of a pickup or can be pulled on a skid behind a skid-steer, bringing vacuum-excavation capability to otherwise inaccessible hydro-excavation applications.

The Ring-O-Matic FT150, with its 150-gallon spoils tank, mounts easily in the bed of a pickup or can be mounted to a skid-steer via an attachment plate for easy access even in the tightest confines of many urban residential properties. The FT150 is also well suited to the entry-level contractor who needs a versatile yet economical hydro-excavator with Ring-O-Matic dependability.