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Portable fuel station

Western Global introduces the Fuel Island as a ready-to-use, portable fuel station.

The Fuel Island is a self-contained fuel station with remote monitoring technology. It pairs Western Global’s trusted TransTank fuel tanks with the necessary components and equipment to create a turnkey solution that can be deployed immediately. With its

Westner Global Fuel Island
The Fuel Island features components for environmental safety and fuel security, all within a platform that’s ready to use immediately after arriving on a jobsite.

integrated, cloud-based remote monitoring equipment, fuel consumption can be accurately tracked, saving time and resources for the distributor and end-user.

“Site setup and installation time is greatly reduced compared to a conventional site-built solution, as the Fuel Islands are largely ‘ready to use’ when they arrive at the customer’s location,” says Bob Lennox, Western Global’s North American Fuel Solutions Group sales lead. “Our team works with the specific local authorities for the client’s site to ensure full compliance prior to setup.”

The Fuel Island can be configured with either an in-cabinet or out-of-cabinet solution to ensure there is a fully compliant design for just about every jurisdiction and fuel type.

Customers can choose from three Fuel Island equipment packages designed to fit any application and budget. Every package includes a fuel tank (available in three sizes) on a skid mount, dispensing equipment, a fuel inventory monitoring system, cardlock equipment, an electrical panel and all necessary plumbing and wiring.

At the heart of every Fuel Island is the TransTank P-Series fuel tanks that ensure environmental safety with double-walled tanks with spill containment. A lockable equipment cabinet provides added security. Available in capacities ranging from 3,124 gallons to 17,731 gallons, TransTank P-Series tanks are designed with an access manway on top as well as a built-in ladder, making routine maintenance and inspection easy.


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