Mobile solar light tower

Site Solar introduces its first Site Solar 1308-watt mobile solar light tower that provides bright, quiet, renewable light.

Site Solar light towerIt uses maintenance-free, deep-cycle batteries that operate four 150-watt clean, white LED sources.

“The trailer’s solar panels charge the battery bank throughout the day to operate the four LEDs all night, allowing for a 24-hour work day,” says Chad Burris, partner of Site Solar.
Site Solar offers additional batteries and generator options in both diesel and propane and in various configurations. In addition, The Site Solar unit has an available remote monitoring system that further reduces maintenance and provides security.

“Many companies have announced a commitment to reducing their carbon footprint to help protect our environment,” added Randy Heckenkemper, Solar Site partner. “Site Solar is committed to helping those companies do just that—and helping them save money at the same time.”

The tower’s 11-gauge steel custom-welded structure is manufactured in the USA by Watson Hopper ( in its ISO 9001:2008, API Q1, TS29001 AND API 4F certified facilities.