Posted February 1, 2018

Hex rubber tracks

EarthForce adds new Hex rubber tracks for compact track loaders.

The new Hex rubber tracks have the most traction and versatility on all surfaces and

EarthForce rubber track

ground conditions. The multi-purpose tracks allow for the smoothest ride in the industry, easily traveling across asphalt, concrete, dirt, sand and mud as well as established surfaces such as grass and lawns. New Hex rubber tracks are the best performing multi-purpose track with the longest life over multiple terrains, EarthForce sources report.

The tracks are available in 13 sizes and are approved for use with compact track loaders.

Available sizes:

  • 180x72x39
  • 180x72x45
  • 250x72x39
  • 250x72x45
  • 320x86x45
  • 320x86x49
  • 320x86x52 
  • 320x86x50
  • 450x86x52
  • 450x86x55
  • 450x86x58
  • 450x86x56
  • 450x86x60