Posted February 1, 2018

Tiller cultivator

First-of-its-kind converts from a front-tine rototiller to a narrow, nimble cultivator.

Earthquake introduces its Versa two-in-one garden tool that works as a rototiller and cultivator. As a 21-inch front-tine tiller,Versa quickly turns into an 11-inch cultivator with simple, tool-less removal of its outer tines and shields.

Ardisam Versa two-in-one tiller
The Versa two-in-one garden tool works as a rototiller and cultivator.

“As a 21-inch-wide front tine tiller, Versa delivers the power to break new ground and prepare garden beds in the spring,” says Kirk Hyatt, product line manager, Earthquake, a division of Ardisam, Inc. “The poly Tufflex side shields and outer tines are easily removed without tools, converting Versa from a full-size tiller into a narrow 11-inch-wide cultivator for controlling weeds, aerating soil between growing plants and maintaining planting beds and crop rows in summer.”

In addition to quick and simple removal of side shields and adjustment of tine width from 21 to 16 or 11 inches, four unique features of the Versa provide important advantages over other tillers:

  • Its right-sized, energy-efficient Viper 99cc engine gives Versa plenty of power while saving gas and reducing operating costs.
  • With its engine profile combined with a bronze gear-drive transmission arranged horizontally instead of vertically, the Versa offers the lowest center-of-gravity of any front-tine tiller for ground-hugging stability and control.
  • The Versa has a tighter foot print than other tillers, allowing it to pivot and change direction within its own foot print.
  • The Tufflex poly side shields are an industry first in front-tine tilling.they are easy to remove tool-free and can take a beating from thrown rocks, sticks and other hard objects without getting dented or bent like metal shields.The shape of the Tufflex side shields is designed to direct churned soil downward.

The VERSA carries a 5-year limited warranty. Detailed specifications are available online.