Propane-powered ride-on polishing machine

Wagman Metal Products Inc. introduces a new propane-powered ride-on polishing machine.

Wagman porpane-powered polisherThe GHP LP230 is a highly maneuverable, versatile, compact ride-on polishing machine which can decrease production time. Sources report it is easy to use and has a work path of 30 x 63 inches, yet can still fit through a 32-inch doorway and fit into a pick-up truck bed. Its compact size allows for work in areas where larger ride-on polishing machines will not fit. With its low center of gravity and patented attachments, the GHP LP230’s twin planetary processing action makes it ideal for grinding, honing and polishing.

“Why walk through slurry when you can ride the GHP LP230?” says Jeff Snyder, vice president of Sales and Marketing. “The GHP LP230 will prove to be a preferred choice with its compact size, edging capabilities and use of high quantity and quality PRODIACC pads, which provide an easier method to polish floors. Using the GHP LP230 can increase efficiency while decreasing production costs.”

The machine uses Wagman’s patent pending PRODIACC pads — Cited at the 016 World of concrete as Most Innovative Products award winner — which feature a long lasting, high performance and quick-change diamond system.

The propane system is California Air Resources Board (CARB) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified, and complies with OSHA indoor air emissions requirements to limit carbon monoxide levels to less than one percent.