Allmand Maxi-Power mobile generators

Allmand Bros. Inc.adds a full line of Maxi-Power mobile generators.

Allmand Maxi-Air generatorThe line includes high-performance, easily maneuverable generators ranging in power output from 25 to 150 kVa to accommodate a variety of applications.

“The Maxi-Power generator line was designed with reliable performance and convenience in mind,” says Brian Northway, Allmand product manager. “The generators incorporate features that contribute to exceptional efficiency and minimal maintenance. Plus, like all Allmand equipment, it’s easy to transport.”

A heavy-duty, oversized alternator with separate excitation winding provides the capacity to easily start large motors and seamlessly handle variable loads. The automatic voltage regulator, or AVR equipment. For flexibility on any jobsite, the Maxi-Power line includes a switch to change frequencies between 50 and 60 Hertz. All models adjust to 120-, 240- or 277-volts in single-phase power and 208-, 240-, 415- or 480-volts in three phase.
An electronic governor maintains engine speed independent of the load to provide consistent power. The Maxi-Power line features programmable start and stop capabilities for use as a standby system, allowing ease of mind and operator-free starting.

Maxi-Power generators are designed for worry-free operation. A large capacity fuel tank allows for more than 24 hours of operation before refueling. In addition, external fuel connections extend operational time by allowing the unit to run off outside fuel. Should a Maxi-Power generator run out of diesel, the electric fuel primer and air-bleed (EFPA) pump help to easily restart the engine without the need for a service call to prime the unit.
A high-capacity cold start battery provides extra cold-cranking amps for easier starting in any climate or condition.

Maxi-Power generators feature design elements that limit maintenance and protect the equipment, operators and jobsite. A dual filtration system, protected in an acrylic filter housing, removes fine contaminants, providing enhanced protection and a long engine life. Designed for 110 percent full-fluid containment, the unit captures all leakage in an internal reservoir to avoid site contamination. In addition, a lockable switch voltage selector protects the engine by preventing an operator from switching voltage while the engine is running.

All fluids are plumbed to the curbside edge of the generator’s enclosure for easy access for maintenance. Likewise, all lugs and receptacles on the machine’s curbside or rear to keep users off the street when performing maintenance checks. Bolt-on steel fenders allow for easy in-field servicing, eliminating the need for welding.

For added convenience, a 120-volt GFCI receptacle can be used in any voltage setting while oversized electrical lugs provide a wider range of connectability usage options.
Durable 15-inch tires provide longer wear life and easy towing. In addition, an adjustable coupler channel further enhances towing ease by allowing the trailer to be towed level to the ground.

Each generator features a power-maximizing diesel engine. A 33.3-hp. engine powers the smallest unit in the Maxi-Power line, the MP25, which provides 20 kilowatts of prime power. The next unit in the lineup MP40 is powered by a 47-hp. engine allowing 30 kilowatts of prime power. The MP45 runs on a 59-hp. engine to provide 36 kilowatts of prime power. The mid-range models in the line, are the MP65-8B1 and MP65-8C1, featuring a 98-hp. and 76-hp. engines respectively and produce 50 kilowatts of prime power.

The MP125, which is only available in Canada, comes equipped with a 152-hp. engine and provides 100 kilowatts of prime power. The largest Maxi-Power, the MP150, uses a 190-hp. engine and produces 120 kilowatts of prime power.

Allmand backs its Maxi-Power portable generators with a two-year or 2,000-hour product and engine Limited Warranty.

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