Scissor lift attachment for utility vehicles

Innovative Equipment has developed the first of a range of products that will make utility vehicles even more versatile.

Innovative Equipment UTX scissor lift attachment

The UTX scissor lift is designed to be easily fitted and removed from almost any utility vehicle in approximately three minutes without any heavy lifting. It provides the user with a working height of up to 19 feet on nearly any terrain. It can be leveled on slopes up to 12 degrees. It has a lifting capacity of up to 600 pounds and enables the users to take a scissor lift where no scissor lift has gone before at much faster speeds than a conventional scissor lift, sources report.

The unit is designed, manufactured and tested to ANSI standards, and exceeds ANSI stability requirements by five times. It also has safety features that will not allow it to be used in unsafe conditions, sources report.

It is priced well below conventional scissor lifts and is currently in use at international airports, municipalities, golf courses, factories and by videographers and hunting ranches.